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Blade Butlers - Mobile Sharpening Service

Blade Butlers

Welcome to Blade Butlers™ - Your Mobile Blade Sharpening Experts in Utah

Hello, I’m Jimmy McDermott, the founder of Blade Butlers™. Our journey started from a simple passion for enhancing everyday experiences. Whether it's the pleasure of using a sharply sliced sandwich or the finesse in crafting, the right blade makes all the difference. That’s where we come in – Blade Butlers™, your go-to mobile service for all things sharp.

Our Roots: Born into a family of entrepreneurs, I carry forward a legacy of resilience and humor. I’m not just the founder; I’m a dedicated husband and father, infusing love and excellence into every blade we sharpen.

Our Mission: At Blade Butlers™, it’s not just about sharpening blades. It's about refining life's experiences. We don’t just sharpen your knives; we give them a makeover, ensuring each cut, slice, or snip is a moment of quality and class.

What We Sharpen:

-Kitchen & Food Prep: From kitchen knives to scissors, ensuring your culinary tools are in top shape.

-Outdoor & Gardening Tools: Lawn mower blades to garden hoes, keeping your outdoor tools efficient.

-Grooming, Tactical & Personal: Including hair shears, clipper blades, hunting knives, and tactical equipment.

-Craft & Workshop Tools: Covering everything from paper cutters to drill bits for your creative and workshop needs.

Choose Blade Butlers™ for that extra edge in life. When things get dull, we’re here to bring back the sharpness and shine!