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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Improvements made to ‘amazing’ Antczak Park

Jun 29, 2023 03:08PM ● By Cassie Goff

A new playground was installed in Antczak Park on June 20. (Cassie Goff/City Journals)

“We did it!” said Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation Service Area Executive Director Ben Hill on June 6, referring to the complete revamping of Antczak Park (1850 E. 7200 South). 

For four years, the Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation District has been working to replace, reconstruct and revamp almost every aspect of the park. 

Hill reported to the Cottonwood Heights City Council that since 2019 the pavilion has been painted, the tennis courts have been reconcreted and lighting with timers has been installed, the pickleball courts have been painted with new lines and the baseball field has been sodded and revamped. In addition, Antczak Park received a new playground on June 20 of this year. 

“Antczak Park looks amazing,” Hill said. 

As with all parks within the service area, the maintenance and upkeep of park amenities require a lot of attention by the staff workers, so they’ll be keeping a close eye on the new and reconstructed elements of the park. 

Next year, the Parks and Recreation District plans to turn their attention to other parks within the service area. Bywater Park (3149 Banbury Road) will undergo the same rejuvenating process as Antczak Park has. 

The only parks within the Parks and Recreation District’s service area that may be challenging to revamp are Mountview Park (1651 Fort Union Blvd.) as it’s owned by Canyons School District, and the Old Mill Park (6660 S. Big Cottonwood Canyon Road) as it remains to be a Salt Lake County Park. In addition, Crestwood Park (1673 E. Siesta Drive) is divided by a creek. The area of the park on the south side of the creek is outside of the service area’s jurisdiction. λ