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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Future centenarians predict their world in 2123

Mar 07, 2023 03:22PM ● By Julie Slama

Ridgecrest first-graders, as these two, looked a bit older as they celebrated 100 days of learning. (Sara Allen/Ridgecrest Elementary)

There was a bit of gray hair and a few canes on Jan. 27 at Ridgecrest Elementary.

The day marked the 100th day of learning for the school’s first-grade students and many of them dressed as if they were 100 years old.

However, the first-graders not only showed up to class as if they were centenarians, but they were asked to think what their world would be like in the year 2123.

First-grade teacher Londyn Freeman marveled at their responses.

“One of my kids said he thought that all the schools will be gone and that parents will have to teach their kids at home,” she said. “Another replied that she thinks there won’t be any playgrounds or parks left.”

Another said the shelves at school where backpacks are hung will be gone.

Then, some students became worried about the future of sports.

“My basketball fan is really worried the NBA is going to be gone and that led my football fan to speculate that football will be a thing of the past,” Freeman said.

One student predicted a return of the Mesozoic era.

“My future scientist is pretty sure he will have brought back the dinosaurs,” she said.

However, Freeman said “the sweetest comment was when one of my students said they hoped I would still be teaching first grade. I truly have the best job.”