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The show must go on: Arts Council offers online theater education

Aug 05, 2020 02:34PM ● By Josh Wood

By Joshua Wood | [email protected]

The Cottonwood Heights Arts Council has worked to keep residents connected through a series of online outreach efforts. From tips for aspiring actors on how to audition to inspiring quotes from leaders in the industry, members of the Arts Council have worked to bring the stage home to the city’s residents.

“Because we couldn’t do the musical, we decided to do some online theater education,” said Erin Blome of the Arts Council. “It’s for people who love the theater and for anyone who is interested in auditioning.”

The Arts Council spent July posting information on their Facebook and Instagram pages. The series of posts was dubbed Theater in the Heights: Tips of the Trade. Many posts featured tips from director Adam Cannon, who is slated to direct the city’s next musical production.

“We’re not just looking at musicals,” said Cottonwood Heights Culture Manager Ann Eatchel. “It’s theater in general, how to audition, back stage stuff, too. Everyone’s important in theater.”

The series of posts started with the big picture, defining theater and elements of drama. Theater in the Heights then moved to practical advice for people interested in getting involved, things like what to bring to an audition.

“We’re trying to explain everything, even director’s instructions,” Eatchel said. “We’re trying to give all the information we can for people wanting to get into theater.”

The practical tips presented in the Theater in the Heights series have been tailored for community theater or for people starting out in other venues. In addition to education regarding theater in general and inspiring quotes from luminaries like Arthur Miller, the series focuses on auditioning and preparing for that seemingly daunting prospect.

“We introduce them to auditioning and what a director expects during an audition,” Blome said. “We also cover what a director looks for during rehearsals and what a first read is like.”

The series offers tips on how and where to find monologues for auditions. The Arts Council even offers advice on how to memorize scripts.

“They’re doing such a great job,” Eatchel said. “It’s really impressive to see all that they’re doing during all of this.”

The Theater in the Heights Tips of the Trade series can be found on the Arts Council’s Facebook and Instagram feeds. They also welcome new members to the council. Applications can be found on the city’s website.

The council has planned other online offerings moving forward. “Hey, we’re still here even with COVID going on,” Blome said.