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Ski & Snowboard News / Twin Peaks Elementary School 4th graders learn to ski at Alta this week

Jan 16, 2020 09:39AM ● By Harriet Wallis

Twin Peaks Elementary School 4th graders had a great time learning to ski at Alta / photo credit: Iz La Motte

Utah is known for the "Greatest Snow on Earth" but not all locals feel at home with the snow. Since 2009, Utah resorts have rallied to help kids learn to ski and snowboard and enjoy winter.

It's a huge project. The annual Learn to Ski and Snowboard program is a unique partnership between business, industry, resorts and schools.

Here's a synopsis of who's who.

Peterson Equipment in Logan is the industry leader for PistenBully, the premier snowgrooming equipment that's used to manicure the ski slopes to perfection. They sponsor the learning program. Ski Utah is the state's marketing arm that promotes Utah's winter sports since 1975. Utah's resorts generously host the children's learn to ski and snowboard program and provide the instructors. And the elementary schools participate with enthusiasm not only from the kids, but from the teachers, administration and  parents.

Because of the partnership, nearly 8,000 4th graders across the state are taking to the slopes this month to take first-time, beginner lessons. Yesterday, nearly 40 kids from Twin Peaks Elementary School took lessons at Alta where they had small classes and very personalized instruction. In less than 2 hours, kids went from being uncertain beginners to big smiles and gleeful fun.

And just for the record, in 2012, Governor Gary Herbert signed a ceremonious bill that designated skiing and snowboarding to be the official winter sports of Utah.

Here are photos of the Twin Peaks kids as they learned to ski at Alta.


The kids had personal attention with small ski classes


Beginners were unsteady at first


The kids quickly caught on and skated around on their skis


Hang on! It's fun being towed up hill.


Skiing is fun!


This youngster is really focused and having a lot of fun / all photos: Harriet Wallis