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Cottonwood Heights Journal

7-11 to possibly replace old Wingers building in Cottonwood Heights

Aug 29, 2019 08:47AM ● By Cassie Goff

Residents might be able to fulfil their sweet tooth at this location again with the potential development of a 7-11. (Cassie Goff/City Journals)

By Cassie Goff | [email protected]

For years, Cottonwood Heights residents have wondered what, if anything, would happen to the old Wingers building on 7269 S. Union Park Avenue. Finally, after five and a half years of driving past the old abandoned building (Wingers closed in 2013), residents might finally get an answer. In April, an applicant began the process of requesting approval from the city to build a 7-11 convenience store and gas station. 

If approved, the convenience store will be approximately 2,500 square feet with 10 parking stalls, and the gas canopy will be approximately 1,800 square feet with eight fueling positions. As of publication, the applicant has submitted a site plan, landscaping plan, lighting plan, building elevations and a narrative to city staff. 

Considering the obscure and unique shape of the lot, the applicant previously requested setback variances from the city-appointed Appeals Hearing Officer Paxton Guymon. Varying from a 20-foot requirement for the front yard setback, Guymon approved a 10-foot front yard setback, 11-foot side rear yard setback and a three-foot setback for the trash enclosure, on April 11. These setbacks will also allow deliveries to be more manageable considering a ditch on the property. 

On July 17, the Cottonwood Heights Planning Commission held a public hearing on the request made by Stephen Selu (Kimley-Horn) for a conditional use permit and site plan approval to construct and operate a 7-11 convenience store and gas station on the property. Despite notices sent to all property owners within 1,000 feet of the project, only one resident commented during the public hearing. Of concern was the 24-hour nature of the business with regards to traffic and noise.  

Prior to the planning commission’s vote on the applicant’s site plan, specific conditions presented at an Architectural Review Committee meeting by city staff members were addressed (on June 27). Those conditions included revising the entryway design to be symmetrical, mounting awnings at the same level, modifying the building-mounted light fixtures to match the color of the building, revising the lighting plan so the parking lot lights are no more than 18 feet in height, adding a lintel above the entryway, adding a cornice treatment to the proposed parapets, preserving the existing vegetation along Little Cottonwood Creek, and adding additional trees along the street frontage. (As of publication date, the applicant will be providing two trees and preserving the existing trees.)

The 0.68-acre parcel is in a regional commercial zone. In addition, the property is located in the city’s Gateway Overlay District. Therefore, this application requires site plan approval.

The planning commission meeting ending with a vote of approval for the conditional use permit with all the conditions mentioned above, plus a condition that the applicants must submit a landscape plan for approval before construction. As of publication, the applicant needs to submit a building permit before beginning construction.