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Bike registration and lip syncing at the Cottonwood Heights PD

Oct 01, 2018 11:45AM ● By Jana Klopsch

The CHPD Lip Sync Challenge video is finally here! (Cottonwood Heights City)

By Cassie Goff | [email protected]

The Cottonwood Heights Police Department (CHPD) made two new announcements over the past month. Residents can now register their bicycles so they can be reunited if the bicycle is stolen, and CHPD accepted the Lip Sync Challenge. 

By August 21, the CHPD had begun a new bicycle registration process. The registration is free for residents and includes filling out a form, which is about a half page of fill in the blanks, asking for contact information and bicycle descriptions. Once the form is submitted, residents will receive a sticker for their bike. 

CHPD reclaims numerous stolen bicycles, especially during the summer months. If those bicycles are not claimed by their previous owners, they are donated. CHPD hopes to be able to reunite more bicycles with their owners through this process. 

Inspired by the #LipSyncChallenge video sensation that has been sweeping through police departments across the nation, CHPD’s version has finally been released! 

The Cottonwood Heights Police Lip Sync Challenge stars Officer Potter, Officer Huang, Officer Harris, Officer Lovato, Officer Nelson, Support Specialist Baily Goodart, Support Specialist Bailey Snyder, Support Specialist Supervisor Candie Terry, Victim Advocate Nicole Huntsman, Sergeant Young, K9 officer Kia and many others. Police Chief Robby Russo even makes a cameo. 

CHPD has challenged Norfolk Police Department and Murray Police Department for the Lip Sync Challenge. 

Find the full video on the Cottonwood Heights City YouTube Channel or through the Cottonwood Heights Police Department’s Facebook page. 

Pro Tip: Watch until the very end — you won’t be disappointed.