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Changing of the Chair

Aug 28, 2017 05:30PM ● By Jana Klopsch

City Manager Gina Chamness with planning commissioners Ann Mackin, John Garver, Jim Carter, Matt Snow, Jan Bradshaw and Chris Layton. *New vice chair not pictured. (Jon Teerlink/City of Holladay)

By Aspen Perry  |  [email protected]

After six years serving on the planning commission, the last 18 months as chair, Matthew Snow will miss the time he spent working with fellow commissioners, as well as the Holladay community.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know my community better,” Snow said. 

Though Snow would like to remain involved, it is unclear at this time at what capacity he plans to do so. 

During the planning commission meeting held June 20, fellow planning commission members expressed their gratitude for Snow’s service. 

“Matt, it’s been a pleasure and honor to work with you. You have done an outstanding job as chair,” said Marianne Ricks of the planning commission.

Ricks further stated, “I’ve appreciated your level-headedness and your willingness to engage in civil discourse.”

During the Aug. 1 commission meeting, both Snow and John Garver were given awards in recognition for serving on the planning commission, a voluntary position, for six years.  

In a later interview, Holladay Community Development Director Paul Allred expressed his gratitude for the time, insight and dedication Snow and Garver showed during their time with the planning commission.

“Both will be terribly missed, and have been strong advocates for land use planning in Holladay. They have been unafraid to make difficult decisions,” Allred said.

Allred further expressed his appreciation for Snow as chair. “Matt has been a strong chair, especially during the recent complex Harmon’s block redesign.”

In addition to awarding Snow and Garver during the Aug. 1 meeting, the planning commission also elected Jim Carter as Snow’s successor. 

Carter has served on the planning commission for three years, including serving as vice chair since June of 2016.

Currently working as a community planner, Carter brings planning knowledge to the commission and enjoys being involved in the community at this level. 

“What I enjoy about being on the planning commission is participating in grass-roots government,” Carter said. 

In addition to serving on the Holladay Planning Commission, Carter is part of several other organizations, including as chair of the board for Henry’s Fork Foundation, part of the advisory council for Friends of Great Salt Lake, in addition to recently completing six years on the alumni board for Westminster College. 

Having grown up in Holladay and witnessing the city grow over the years, Carter is looking forward to serving as chair. “What I hope to accomplish is to work with Holladay residents and businesses to manage our growth and take advantage of the opportunities while preserving the character that makes Holladay what it is.” 

Ricks was nominated and elected to replace Carter as vice chair for the next term and is looking forward to continuing to serve the planning commission. 

“I really enjoy serving on the planning commission. I enjoy hearing from citizens who take the time to come and speak at hearings,” said Ricks. 

Prior to being elected vice chair, Ricks was halfway through her first term on the planning commission. Ricks appreciates the time she has spent with her fellow commission members over the past 18 months.

“The commission doesn’t always agree — it’s good to have a variety of people from different areas of Holladay, with different viewpoints and backgrounds. Having respectful and civil discussions, understanding that all commissioners share a deep love for the City of Holladay,” Ricks said. 

“We work hard to look at the issues and proposals from all perspectives and make the best decision for all,” she said.

Though fellow commissioners will miss Snow, they feel Carter and Ricks will serve well and look forward to the future decisions and discussions in the ever-growing city of Holladay.