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Chaffetz visits Chamber of Commerce before election

Nov 29, 2016 04:02PM ● By Kelly Cannon

Rep. Jason Chaffetz addresses the chamber of commerce and other Holladay business owners during a special luncheon. Chaffetz spoke about his efforts in the House of Representatives, as well as criticized Hillary Clinton. (Kelly Cannon/City Journals)

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]


A week before the election, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, visited with members of the Holladay Chamber of Commerce and residents to discuss the election, Hillary Clinton and his plans to help the community. Chaffetz visited with attendees on Nov. 1 at Holladay City Hall. 

Chaffetz began his comments by talking about the Mountain Accord legislation, a bill that combines the efforts of government officials, community leaders, local businesses and environmental groups to find long-term solutions for canyons east of Salt Lake City, including Big Cottonwood Canyon. 

“We really did have a lot of people come together,” Chaffetz said. 

Chaffetz said more visitors go up the canyons during the summer than do in the winter, causing the need for transportation relief year-round. 

“With our growth trajectory, it’s not going to change,” Chaffetz said. 

Chaffetz also used the time to talk about his work on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, specifically addressing his criticism of the email scandal involving Democrat Nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton where private email servers were used rather than government ones. 

“If Clinton wins, we have a mess to clean up. This was the largest breach of security in the history of the state department. We don’t take that lightly,” Chaffetz said. “You cannot have classified information walking out the door.” 

Attendees asked Chaffetz about his stance on Republican Nominee Donald Trump and about why he’s still voting for Trump despite Chaffetz’s removal of an endorsement after videos came out of Trump making misogynistic and derogatory comments about a woman host. Chaffetz called it a dilemma. 

“I find Hillary Clinton to be unqualified and repulsive,” Chaffetz said. “(But) I didn’t want to endorse someone who would say that.” 

Chaffetz also criticized early voting because people cast votes before all the information is out. 

“I don’t like early voting,” Chaffetz said. “People should vote on the same day with the same information.”

Kathryn Christiansen, the executive director of the Holladay Chamber of Commerce, said the luncheon with Chaffetz is an annual event with the representatives of the district. 

“It really resonates with the chamber and business owners,” Christiansen said. 

She explained during an election year, it’s important for residents to meet their candidates and hear their views. 

“We’re really fortunate to get him the week before the election,” Christiansen said. 

Christiansen said these types of interactions between business owners and elected officials are important for the chamber. 

“It makes the association between the chamber and politics,” she said. 

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