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Oak Wood Fire Kitchen

Sep 29, 2016 03:10PM ● By Bryan Scott

Don’t call Oak Wood Fire Kitchen a pizza place. Call them your community eatery where diners can enjoy fresh, local food selections to fit any mood or preference. 

“We call it wood-fired cuisine,” Operations Manager Stu Brown said. “We don’t want to be stuck with just the pizza moniker.”  

The burning heart of Oak Wood Fire Kitchen is the brick-and-mortar oven. Brown described it as a traditional wood-fired oven with a giant slab that people would likely be familiar with from other Italian pizza establishments. As the name suggests, only oak is used as the fuel. 

“We cook whatever we can in it — all the way from meatballs and cookies to steak and chicken roulade,” Brown said. 

The original Oak Wood Fire Kitchen location opened at 715 East 12300 South in Draper in June 2014. Almost exactly two years later, the business is expanding as customers are increasingly appreciating access to fresh and flavorful wood-fired cuisine. Their new second location is at 110 West Broadway in Salt Lake City.  

The idea for Oak Wood started in 2013 when a group of soccer friends wanted to create a neighborhood eatery that would cater to locals’ tastes, both in food and atmosphere. Oak Wood Fire Kitchen strives to create a comfortable environment that feels new and hip, but also welcoming and warm. It’s a restaurant where the staff knows you and you know the staff. 

The comfortable atmosphere, varied menu and reasonable prices make Oak Wood Fire Kitchen an eatery for everyone to enjoy on date nights, birthday celebrations, lunches with friends, or just a go-to restaurant for lunch or dinner.  

You can even catch the game here. While definitely not a sports-themed restaurant, each location has several 70-inch televisions in the dining room so the big game won’t be missed. 

Families are especially welcome at Oak Wood Fire Kitchen. Brown said the Draper location caters to families with crayons for the kids and a varied kid’s menu, which features individual-sized pizzas for young diners. The staff will even demonstrate how to stretch pizza dough while the kids wait for their order. 

Brown said the most notable accomplishment of the business is that they have loyal repeat customers. The success of being able to open a new downtown location demonstrates that.