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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Ski & Snowboard News / Wildflowers at peak in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons

Jul 28, 2016 02:49PM ● By Harriet Wallis

photos: Harriet Wallis

Cottonwood Heights, Utah - This is Wildflower Festival weekend at Alta, Snowbird, Brighton and Solitude. There are talks and walks and other activities for adults and children. But the best part is the magnificent wildflowers that put on their flashy show at this time of year. Even better, viewing is free.

The flowers live in the harsh mountain conditions  with its rocky, dry soil. But they spring to life and bloom their hearts out every year. Now is the peak viewing time.

Tips for when you go: Go early as the colors appear more brilliant and because parking fills quickly. At Alta, buses shuttle people to the prime
viewing areas.

Take water and wear sturdy shoes so you can walk around on the uneven terrain. Take photos to share with friends.