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Youth Executive Council Sworn In

Jun 29, 2016 08:54AM ● By Cassie Goff

The new YCC executive council members pose for a picture with their advisors, Scott and Ann Bracken, and Mayor Cullimore.

By Cassandra Goff | [email protected]

Cottonwood Heights

On May 24, during the Cottonwood Heights city council business meeting, the new executive council for the Youth City Council (YCC) was sworn in.

The YCC “is an opportunity to serve the community, develop leadership skills and participate in educational experiences. Besides being fun, being a member of the council looks good on résumés and scholarship applications.”

Scott Bracken, YCC advisor and city council liaison to the YCC, spoke before the council was sworn in. “We [the YCC members] are involved with Butlerville Days and Bark in the Park. We provide service and help students learn about municipal government.”

“They make significant contributions and we appreciate everyone being here. We do this once a year — elect a mayor and three officers,” Bracken said. 

“The youth leaders should be given the same oath of office as their adult counterparts,” city officials say.  

The duties of the executive council include organizing committees from the general membership to assist the executive council members as needed and selecting one of the executive council members to act as temporary youth council mayor (Mayor Pro Tem) when the youth mayor is absent.

The 2016–2017 YCC mayor is Scotty Woolston.

The duties of the YCC mayor include supervising the duties and activities of the YCC and executive council, conducting YCC meetings, setting the agenda for meetings, coordinating with other members of the executive council in the planning and execution of all YCC activities, working closely with the YCC advisor in conducting YCC business and activities and acting as liaison and primary contact with mayor, city council, other youth councils and other groups.

The 2016–2017 service officer is Derek Heiner. His deputy is Josh Schwendiman.

The duties of the YCC service officer include overseeing the planning and conducting of service-oriented activities for the YCC and keeping the YCC mayor and advisor updated on the activities and issues regarding YCC service opportunities.

The 2016–2017 education officer is Nick Tygesen. His deputy is Oliver Proctor.

The duties of the education officer include being chair of the Educational Activities Committee, overseeing the planning and conducting of educational activities of the YCC and keeping the YCC mayor and advisor updated on the activities and issues regarding educational events and opportunities for the YCC.

The 2016–2017 social officer is Mia Parker. Her deputy is Gabi Fritsch.

The duties of the social officer include being chair of the Social Activities Committee, overseeing the planning and conducting of social activities of the YCC and keeping the YCC mayor and advisor updated on the activities and issues regarding social events.

The 2016–2017 planning commission officer is Michal Odrobina.

The planning commission officer duties include representing the YCC at the city planning commission meetings and informing the YCC about any topics discussed during the planning commission meetings. The YCC planning commission officer is an appointed position.

The 2016–2017 recorder is David Zhong. His deputy is Lareesa Sumison.

The YCC recorder’s duties include attending YCC meetings, taking attendance, keeping a record of proceedings, compiling the agenda for YCC meetings, accounting for the filing, security and maintenance of YCC records and the planning, execution and oversight of the election process. They are also responsible for formally reporting any injuries, emergencies, etc. during YCC events.

The 2016–2017 public relations officer is Annie Kaufman. Her deputy is Margaret Selfridge.

The YCC public relations officer’s duties include being responsible for the construction and maintenance of the YCC website and coordinating media coverage. They are responsible for publicizing YCC activities to members of the community and for taking pictures of activities for media and historical record.

The 2016–2017 treasurer is Annie Yun.

The treasurer’s duties include directing, managing, supervising and coordinating the YCC budget, ensuring receipts and documentation for reimbursement is correct, keeping the YCC mayor advised and updated on budget-related issues of the YCC and coordinating all fundraising activities of the YCC. They are responsible for the collection of monies, payment of YCC bills and reimbursement of authorized expenditures to YCC members and monitoring city budget amendments.

After the new YCC executive council was sworn in, Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore said, “There are 47 members all together this year. Scott and Ann Bracken spend a lot of time making this a great experience for the youth and for the city.”

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