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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Preparation for Summer Events, Public Works and Zoning

Jun 08, 2016 10:09AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Cassandra Goff   [email protected]

Cottonwood Heights - On May 3 at 6 p.m., the Cottonwood Heights City Council held their weekly meeting on the second floor of city hall located at 1265 Fort Union Boulevard. 

Financial Advisor Jason Burningham discussed the final stages of the city’s financial planning for the new city hall building located at 2722 Bengal Boulevard. The building should be completed by September, at which time the city staff will move in and government business will be done from there. The council is becoming increasingly excited with the countdown ticking.  

Public Relations Specialist Dan Metcalf shared media coverage related to the city that aired over the past week.

Terracare representative Dave VanWagoner reported on pothole fixing, roadway patching and other public work duties that were completed with Terracare’s crew over the past week.

City engineer Brad Gilson summarized a traffic study focusing on 6710 South and discussed options for the road with the council.

Public Works Director Mike Allen reviewed the Road Maintenance Agreement with Salt Lake Country for 2016.

The week of May 15–21 will be proclaimed as Public Works Week. The newly acquired truck for the in-house public works will be on display with informational banners in various locations throughout the city. 

City staff excitedly announced they were able to acquire “Zootopia” for the movie at the park event on July 22, starting at dusk. 

The city council discussed the planning commission recommendations for a plan amendment, zone map amendment and development agreement concerning zoning and development on two privately owned lots on Wasatch Boulevard.

Community and Economic Development Director Brian Berndt mentioned the climbing tunnel that will be installed at Mountview Park later this week. The tunnel will replace some rocking horses that were broken after inappropriate use.  

Finance Director Dean Lundell provided a draft for the 2017 fiscal city budget. The public hearing and public comment sessions for the budget are planned for next month.

The calendar of events reminded city staff and council about the Business Boot Camps on every Thursday in May at 6:30 as well as the few CHBA luncheons over the next few months. On May 18, the Citizen’s Academy graduation will be held in the training room of city hall and catered by Mediterranean Market.