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Ski & Snowboard News / Dine on top of a ski mountain

Oct 13, 2015 06:03PM ● By Harriet Wallis

Mountain top dining with a view / photo: Harriet Wallis

Athletes stay in shape all year long, and Snowbasin's chefs hone their skills in much the same way. They offer fine dining throughout the year.

Each Dining Discovery dinner is held at the lavish lodge on top of the mountain, and diners ride the enclosed gondola to the summit while staying snug and warm. The gondola ride is a special treat especially for non-skiers and it's included with the dinner.

Each dinner has a theme, and I recently enjoyed the Farm to Table event. Every bite of the fabulous dinner came from Utah and most came from less than 50 miles away – Morgan Valley lamb, Borski’s Farm Produce, White Pine Elk Farm, Gold Creek Cheese, Slide Ridge Honey, Daily Rise Coffee Co., and Creminelli Fine Meats.

For Snowbasin, it's an environmental decision. The resort concentrates on working hand in hand with local suppliers throughout the year, not just for a single occasion. "If I can find it locally, I source it there," said Executive Chef Scott Sniggs.  " I want to support and showcase what's around us."

And he does. Kaysville resident John Borski is an organic farmer who supplies the resort with freshly picked vegetables. Garden fresh produce is his passion. But he didn't start as an organic farmer. The Julliard-trained ballet dancer went through a metamorphosis from dancer to farmer.

"I lived in New York City and paid a fortune for fresh produce. But apples fell off my grandmother's tree and she threw them away," he said. "I was looking for something to do that would not require an entire ballet company," he quipped. He now works his 4-acre organic farm.

Likewise, Wes Crandall raises the famous Morgan Valley lambs. They're also organic. They're open range, grass fed lamb with no steroids, no hormones, and no antibiotics.

Upcoming Dining Discovery events include Thai Fusion on Oct. 16, and later on other specialty dinners include a Polynesian Culinary Expedition, a Lobster Celebration, and the annual mountain top Valentine's Day dinner. For more information:

Snowbasin, located near Ogden, was the 2002 Winter Olympics venue for the men's and women's downhill, super G and combined ski races.