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Locals Display Artwork at Annual Show

Oct 07, 2015 01:55PM ● By Bryan Scott

Last year’s contest saw a surplus of photographs of the Mill Park Bridge. Photo courtesy of the Cottonwood Heights Arts Council

By Brian Jones

For the fourth year, the Cottonwood Heights Arts Council will bestow fame and fortune, albeit in modest amounts, on the winner of its annual Autumn Photography Contest. The council is thrilled to once again give a platform to local artists and photographers to show off their talents while providing some top notch art viewing for the community.

The photography contest is being held in conjunction with the council’s annual Art Show. Submissions for the art show will be on display at the Whitmore Library through the end of September, with an open house set for Sept. 17. Submissions for the photography contest will be accepted at the library between Sept. 21 and 26, and will be displayed at the library throughout October. 

Richard Randolph, himself an amateur photographer and member of the City Arts Council, is overseeing the photography contest for the second year. According to Randolph, the council relishes providing local photographers the opportunity to show off their skill. 

“It’s a thrill to see not only the talent of local amateur and professional photographers, but to see different perspectives on the community we live in and experience every day,” he said. 

Because submissions must have been taken within the Cottonwood Heights city limits, the contest regularly produces beautiful examples of local landmarks and scenery. Any contestants eager to set themselves apart, though, may want to consider thinking outside the box when choosing their subject matter. 

“The first year I oversaw the photography contest, we got a whole flock of pictures of Mill Park Covered Bridge,” Randolph recalled with amusement. He added that he hopes no one will feel like their work isn’t worthy of submission. “Last year a 10-year-old boy was one of the big winners,” Randolph said. 

After the submissions are collected, a panel of judges comprised of local professional and amateur photographers, artists and members of the Arts Council will judge the photographs and name first, second and third prizes for each of three categories: nature, people/places and artistic. Prizes for each category are $75 for first, $50 for second and $25 for third. In addition to the prizes, winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony held Oct. 7. 

The council is extremely proud of the level of participation the photography contest has drawn over the years, and the interest the community has shown in enjoying the works displayed in the library. It’s especially gratifying for the participants.

 “The photographers are proud of their work, and really like seeing people from the community enjoying it,” Randolph said.

Although he’s pleased with all the photographers who participate, Randolph admits he would like to see even more residents taking part in the contest. “I hope people will take advantage of the festival. It’s a great chance to win some money and get some recognition,” he said. “There are a lot of great photographers in the community. It’s nice to see them being recognized.” 

Anyone wanting more information about contest rules or dates can go to the Arts Council’s page on the Cottonwood Heights city website. Information is also available at the Whitmore Library.