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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Blue Moon Festival imagines again

Sep 04, 2015 02:57PM ● By Rhett Wilkinson

Blue Moon Festival brought a Beatles cover band late last month to the Holladay City Hall Park. Photo courtesy City of Holladay

The Blue Moon Festival can’t always happen during, you know, a blue moon.

Perhaps the best word to address that reality describes exactly what the festival needed.

“Imagine” was the headliner on the big stage. The Beatles Tribune Band was invited back again because so many in the community didn’t get to participate the previous year due to rain.

“And those that did thought they were so good that we should have them back,” said Margo Richards, Holladay Arts Council Coordinator.

At the ninth annual Holladay Arts Council festival – and fourth under the name “Blue Moon” – The Saliva Sisters and Strong Word got the crowd ready to “Imagine” in late July at the Holladay City Hall Park. Dozens of local artists and craftsmen displayed their works as an arts and crafts tent was provided for children. A fireworks show ended the night.

The festival, which did start on a blue moon, grows in attendance each year, as does the vendor list. Fortunately, an dozens of volunteers help, which comprises what Richards described as a “large animal.” Some 60 persons, many of whom are from outside Holladay, help the night of the free event. That’s after seven months of planning by the City of Holladay, which starts planning seven months in advance.

“People have grown to love the event so much they volunteer even though it's not in their neighborhood because they don't want it to die out,” Richards said.

Vendors who participated included the following: Moyer Woodworks; Aprill Marie Fisher; Rugs by Diann; Fred Wilhelmsen; Bevy Knac; Jessica Jacob; Rodent Bonz Bindery; Marianne Vance; Colorbox; Parker Rose Mercantile; Steven Thomas; Luna Creations; Randy Laub Photography & Craft; Wood Wackers; Lawrence Adkinson; Perda Adkinson; Book Runners; Natalie Allsup-Edwards; Silver Wolf Artistry; The Silverschmidt; Steven May; Ardis Metcalf; Donald Prys; Glen Nelson; Cali Letts Mosaics; Rare Essentials Natural Perfume; Pretty Little Things; Grandma Sandino’s Sicilian Sauce; Tosh Kano "Passport to Hiroshima”; Wendy's Beauty Quake; Jeniffer Deily; Ron Moulton Art; Caputo’s Market & Deli; A Guy & His Wife Grilled Cheese; Auntie Rae’s Dessert Island; Rubadue’s Saucy Skillet; Wing Nutz; Lizzy Lu Gelato; Avenue Sweets; Saturday's Waffle; and Salsa Del Diablo.