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A Fond Farewell To Bonneville Junior High Principal And Colleagues

Aug 03, 2015 03:41PM ● By Bryan Scott

A Fond Farewell To Bonneville Junior High Principal And Colleagues

By Carol Hendrycks

On June 30, Principal Karl Moody will retire after a long and successful career in education and administration. His career has spanned 36 years, beginning with a bachelor of science in economics and history and masters in school administration both from the University of Utah. In addition, he received a master’s degree in business education from Brigham Young University. He began teaching from 1979-1980 at Valley Junior High and at Kearns Junior High from 1979-1980. 

His years of administration are as noted starting with Cyprus High as an intern assistant principal for half of a school year, Brockbank Junior High as assistant principal for two years, Kearns High as assistant principal for six years, Wasatch Junior High as principal for five years, Jefferson Junior High as principal for eight years and completing his last nine years at Bonneville Junior High as principal.

Moody said, “In education the greatest moments always involve the kids, but I must say that at Bonneville, the involvement of the parents in PTSA and Community Council have been a remarkable lifetime experience. So many things we do for the students either originate or depend on the huge participation and collaboration of parents making things possible.” 

As his time as principal came to a close he reflected on knowing that the students always move on but that he looks forward to seeing them and parents out in the local community working at stores, in restaurants, becoming doctors or dentists and watching their achievements. He believes this will continue all his life, which he finds humbling and fulfilling. Moody continued, “I believe my biggest accomplishments are measured in seemingly small things. The kind that students tell you years later about how much impact was made in their lives or just having them remember you or say how much they enjoyed having you as a teacher or principal. Those are rewarding moments!”

A proper “bon voyage” celebration took place in late May as goodbyes and memories were exchanged. Although Moody looks forward to his retirement he will miss the daily association with his colleagues. He kindly expressed his appreciation for the many contributions from Ronda Weaver, Char Packard, Mary Peterson, Elaine DeWitt and Blaine Petersen who have all served at Bonneville Junior High and also retired this year.  Moody plans to stay in touch and be involved with the school as a volunteer helping with building stage scenery or with “Reality Town” and other service projects.