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Ski & Snowboard News / High flying skiers perform at Utah Olympic Park

Aug 03, 2015 09:06AM ● By Harriet Wallis

Photo credit: Utah Olympic Park

Photo credit: Harriet Wallis

These daring athletes slide down a steep mountain-like incline at speeds up to 35 miles an hour, then launch up to 70 feet in the air before landing in the state of the art swimming pool below. They'll take your breath away with amazing flips, twists, and turns.  Sometimes with as many as 12 athletes in the air at one time! In addition, after the show, guests can meet the athletes, have photos taken with them, and even taking home an autographed poster.

The Flying Ace team is hand picked Olympians and world champions from all over the country. They train at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City and perform their high flying stunts every Saturday and Sunday to thrill audiences. Weekend shows run through early September.

This year's shows are especially wonderful because the facility is completely new and totally high tech. The synthetic "snow" that covers the ramps is gauged for different speeds. A sprinkler system wets the surface for easy glide. 

The new ramps are designed for the traditional high flying aerial skiers, and now mogul, slopestyle and other athletes can train on the high tech slopes and ramps. 

They land in a bubbly pool that gives them a soft landing. Then they have to swim to the side and get out -- while wearing their ski clothes, skis and boots. The pool lets them perfect their stunts before they have to worry about landing on snow.

Shows run weekends through early September.