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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Mayor's Message

Aug 01, 2015 12:03PM ● By Bryan Scott

As the upcoming primary election approaches, citizens of Holladay will notice that we transitioned to a VOTE By Mail format for collecting ballots. The motivation for this change is simple; it significantly increases voter turnout, especially in mid-term elections.

Our democratic form of government requires citizens to be informed and engaged participants. Your vote delegates the authority to govern to elected officials. Through this process the majority selects who will represent their interests. The higher the voter turnout, the more representative your voice. Data shows that municipalities that have transitioned to VOTE By Mail have increased turnout rates significantly. We feel this is reason enough to execute this change. We want the makeup of our council to properly reflect the majority voice in our community. This is not accomplished when voter turnout is below 50%. I am confident this change will raise participation rates significantly. 

Voters in District 4 will be receiving a VOTE By Mail ballot in the coming weeks. The balance of Holladay residents will receive their ballots in mid-October. For residents that wish to cast their vote in person, City Hall will have a polling station set up on Election Day (see adjacent article for details).

The majority of public servants I associate with are passionate, committed and well-intentioned citizens in their communities. They entered an election to make a difference in the community. It’s up to you to decide which candidate most closely represents your interests. When you defer your voting duty to friends and neighbors, it dilutes the process we depend on in our representative form of government. Please, take the time to cast your vote, whether by mail or in person. We need your voice to be heard!

Rob Dahle