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Help Make July Safe For Our Furry Friends

Jun 05, 2015 06:53PM ● By Carol Hendrycks
Statistics provided by Salt Lake County Animal Services shows that in June 2014 this agency responded to 107 animal bites, 53 injured animals, 17 distressed animals, 47 animals running at large and 230 animals (dogs and cats) picked up by this agency. 

In July 2014, Salt Lake County Animal Services responded to 148 animal bites, 50 injured animals,11 distressed animals, 35 animals running at large and 262  animals picked up by SLCO Animal Services. 

In Holladay June 2014, Salt Lake County Animal Services responded to one animal bite, two injured animals, three animals running at large and seven animals picked up by SLCO Animal Services.  

In July 2014, in Holladay alone, SLCO County Animal Services responded to two animal bites, one injured animal, three animals running at large and six animals picked up. 

While we celebrate summer holidays with fireworks displays, our furry friends do not share our excitement. This is a reminder to all residents that July 5th is the busiest day of the year at animal shelters. Dogs are found miles from their homes, confused, disoriented and exhausted. People call hoping to locate a missing dog that was so terrified from fireworks that it crashed through a window, jumped a high fence or broke its leash or chain to seek comfort. 

Be your dogs’ or cats’ best friend during firework time. Here are some helpful tips pet owners should consider:

Be aware of when your city plans firework displays so you can get your pet ready for the noisy evening.

Make sure your yard gates are locked and there’s no escape out of your yard.  Many animals will want to flee to escape the noise.

Prepare your house. Turn some lights on as light will calm your pet instead of being scared in a dark room. Drown out bright lights by closing windows and drapes. Tune out external noise by turning on familiar sounds like the TV or radio.

Make a “safety room” for your pet. Have a comfy bed and some of their toys. Remove any sharp objects just in case they start jumping around when the fireworks are going. Be sure you have water for your pet in that room.

Confine your pet in their “safety room” 30 minutes before the fireworks begin. 

Check on your pet after the fireworks. They might be scared. Your presence will be soothing. Don’t fuss over them too much because they will pick up on your anxiety if in fact you are anxious.

Do a yard sweep before letting your pet back outside. Look for the ends of sparklers, matches, and bits of leftover fireworks. These can be harmful to your pets if ingested.

Protect your dogs and cats this July 4th and July 24th. If fireworks upset your animals, make sure someone stays with them. If you wish to tranquilize your animals, consult with your veterinarian or call an animal behaviorist to work with your pet, but call in advance of Independence and Pioneer Day. For Salt Lake County Animal Services call 385-468-7387 or dispatch at 801-743-7045. Help keep animals safe and shelter numbers low by doing your part in protecting your pets.