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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Holladay Cheer Station Rocks!

May 01, 2015 11:55AM ● By Carol Hendrycks

Howard R. Driggs Elementary’s 5th grade teacher Connie Woolsey (back. left) and 4th Grade teacher Heather Martin (back, second from left) cheer on marathon participants with their students at the Holladay Cheer Station.

On Saturday morning, April 18, with the sun shining and rock music blazing, Salt Lake City Marathon runners and bikers were ushered in by local officers to the Holladay cheer zone and water station. The community rallied with much anticipation with horn blowing and hands in the air to cheer on participants. 

Among the crowd were Mayor Dahle and City Manager Randy Fitts along with over 100 volunteers throughout the event lining Holladay Boulevard and 2300 East to offer water and their support to runners and bikers as they passed under the green and white balloon arch. Many of those volunteers were from Howard R. Driggs Elementary school located on 4340 South and 2700 East. Principal of the school and volunteer, Michael Douglas, was proud to see their fourth and fifth-grade students from Heather Martin’s and Connie Woolsey’s classes show their enthusiasm. Woolsey explained she knew this activity was a good match for the students and the experience of volunteering teaches them about the importance of community outreach, setting and achieving goals.
Student volunteers from Howard R. Driggs Elementary offer cheers and water to runners and bikers.

 Holladay looks forward to being voted the best cheer station as prize money will be donated to new playground fund. There are two $500 prize categories: 1) Athletes will vote on best aid station and 2) Race director and race supervisory personnel will select a winner. The winning cheer station will be announced sometime this week.