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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Oakwood Elementary Fun Run!

Mar 24, 2015 08:06AM ● By Bryan Scott

“You can do it! You all have a special strength! Be Brave! and Stick together as a team”, are some of the cheers being heard around the halls and classrooms at Oakwood Elementary! APEX Fun Run and Oakwood Elementary PTA have come together to teach leadership skills, help build up the students with confidence and have fun while doing it! This is a Fun Run Fundraiser that builds Extreme Leaders! APEX leaders present motivational mini-seminars (if you will) that encourage the students to learn to GO BIG, be kind and learn to be a brave and courageous individuals by learning to work as a team. While the students collect pledges for 2 weeks on laps that they will run, APEX comes on campus and spends time with the students at recess, lunch and in class, showing how to be an extreme leader. We have never seen so much excitement about raising money for our school! The REALLY exciting part is the Coaches (Teachers) get to keep a portion of what they earn right in their classrooms. This year the focus is on earning money to help supply the needs of classroom supplies that are different for every teacher. They range from Mac books, to dictionaries, Thesaurus’s, on level reading books and to pay for a bus for field trips.

We are a TEAM! We are Extreme! GO TEAM OWLS!!!

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