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Cottonwood Heights Journal

A New City For Olympus Hills Residents

Mar 06, 2015 10:42AM ● By Tammy Nakamura
Self-determination and two years of hard work led to the annexation of more than 3,300 Olympus Hills residents into Holladay City. The new section of the city became official on Jan. 1. The area extends roughly west to east from 2700 East to Interstate 215, and north to south from 3900 South to 4500 South. It brings the total population of the city to more than 30,000.

“The residents came to us and asked if they could be annexed into our city,” City Manager Randy Fitts said. “We never asked them to join; it was their idea to become part of the city.”

The residents were looking for local representation and a government structure that was secure, he said.

The city sought a quick evaluation of the costs of annexing the area.  There are fewer than 10,000 businesses that provide sales tax, so a franchise tax on utilities was imposed to help the area pay for itself. The annexed area used to be surrounded on three sides by the city, so the addition rounds out the boundaries.

“There were many people in the annexed area who were confused because they thought they were already in Holladay City,” Fitts said. “We have received many emails thanking us for annexing them into the city, but really it was their hard work that made it successful.”