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Cottonwood Heights Journal

More Than Just A Place To Wait For A Bus

Feb 06, 2015 12:14PM ● By Tammy Nakamura

Owners of a bus bench that is now part of Holladay are hoping city officials will allow it to stay where it is.

It’s just a bus bench that has sat in unincorporated Salt Lake County for years. But recently it became part of Holladay City in an annexation, raising the question of whether the city will allow a bus bench that sells advertising.

“I can’t afford a lot of advertising,” said Jenny Eldredge, who owns a watch repair shop that is advertised on the bench in question. “But I can afford to advertise on the bus bench, and have for about eight years.”

Eldredge thinks it has made a difference to her business.

“I get comments from customers about once a week that they saw the bus bench advertisement.”

Nile and Linda Fox own the bench and asked the city council to allow them to keep the bench in the city.

“We were a bit surprised when the bench got annexed into the city,” Linda Fox said. “We hope they will grandfather the bench in and let it stay. It doesn’t bring in a lot of money, but it helps Jenny and her business.”

The council took the request under advisement.