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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office Goes To The Dogs

Jan 09, 2015 10:29AM ● By Marci Heugly

Cottonwood Heights resident CeCe recently became Salt Lake County’s first Deputy Canine Mayor. Photo courtesy of Sandy Nelson

While a dog’s top billing may be as man’s best friend, one Cottonwood Heights dog can now also be called Deputy Canine Mayor. When the first-ever Salt Lake County canine mayor election ended in October, a mini goldendoodle from Cottonwood Heights named CeCe was selected as deputy canine mayor. Texas, an 8-year-old boxer from Sandy, was selected as the first Salt Lake County Canine Mayor.

Salt Lake County held the canine elections as a fundraiser for the Injured Animal Fund. The event raised $23,080, which included funds raised from filing fees of the 14 candidates and funds raised during the campaign.

While the “caninedates” had to be Salt Lake County residents, anyone in the world could vote for their favorite as many times as they wanted. Each vote cost $1 and went directly to the fundraiser. The dog that raised the most money won the election. 

“This is one of the most successful fundraisers ever held by our agency,” said Mike Reberg, director of Salt Lake County Animal Services. “The money raised is going to help hundreds of injured and ill animals that find themselves in our care.”

The canine mayor and his deputy will accompany Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams to different events during their two-year term.

“I look forward to having the company of Salt Lake County’s first canine mayor or deputy mayor when I’m out at community events. I know Tex and CeCe will be excellent advocates for all our community’s furry friends,” McAdams said.

“CeCe’s main responsibility is to be a good dog citizen in our community. We will have her involved with campaigns and promotions at the shelter and with Mayor McAdams’ office,” said Sandy Nelson, Salt Lake County Animal Services marketing director. “We are very excited about CeCe’s involvement with the reading program at libraries and can’t wait to get her involved with our reading program here at the shelter.”