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Free Tree Offer For Holladay Residents

Jan 09, 2015 10:27AM ● By Tammy Nakamura
It’s not exactly tree-planting weather right now, but the City of Holladay is already promoting its tree planting campaign. The city is giving free trees to residents beginning this spring through the Street Tree Voucher Program. 

 Residents can apply for a tree voucher and, if the application meets the criteria of what kind of tree will be planted and the location of the tree, then the Tree Committee will consider approval. The resident will be given a voucher to take to a participating nursery and select one of the types of trees recommended by the state forester.  

Some of those trees include the honey locust, ash, maple and flowering pear, as well as many other varieties. 

The tree must then be planted by the resident within 15 feet of the street. If the tree passes inspection by the Tree Committee four to eight weeks after planting, the city will then reimburse the nursery. (If the application is turned down, the resident can modify the request and submit a new application.)

“The trees will provide an aesthetic quality, shade and help clean the air,” said City Councilmember Steven Gunn. 

Tree Committee Chairman Dennis Roach agreed and added, “Trees help reduce noise pollution and improve the economy since people tend to shop where there are trees and buy homes that have trees in the landscaping.”

Residents can apply online through a link on the City of Holladay Tree Facebook page or the city website or submit an application at City Hall. There is a limit of two trees per six-month period, and no more than four trees will be approved for the same resident in a two-year period. The program is on a first-come, first-served basis and could end early if the budget is exhausted sooner than expected.

The city council is expected to approve a budget of $10,000 in January for the program which will buy an estimated 250 trees. The initiative is part of the Tree City USA program which Holladay has been a part of for six years.