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Team Chemistry Is Key For Lady Colts

Jan 09, 2015 09:57AM ● By Caitlin Wilson
Cottonwood Girls Basketball coach Janae Hirschi says her team will be focusing on getting better throughout the season, working on their team chemistry and going back to the basics of basketball in general. 

“The girls we have are legitimately athletic and very smart. However, we are very young and are still working with some who have never played in a varsity game before,” she said. “Teaching them the basics like how to dribble the ball, the pick and roll, defense, that sort of thing. It will come in time.” 

Placing first in region last year, along with a 16-5 record and yet being defeated in the first round of the playoffs, Hirschi wants her team to try and finish either first, second or third in region play, and then take it from there. 

“I have three to four players with actual varsity playing experience, and six seniors returning,” she said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what those girls can do and how they can help our team succeed.”

Another goal for team members is to help one another, and always have a focus on team work. 

“It all starts with them and how they communicate with each other, both off and on the court,” Hirschi said. “It’s the chemistry we need in order to do what we want, and that’s get better and win games.”

Hirschi also believes that if her girls play smart and start understanding the fundamentals, this season could be a really fun one to watch and be a part of. 

“I get attached to these ladies real quick and enjoy not only coaching them on the court, but teaching them in the classroom, too. We’re all pretty close and it’s a good atmosphere to be in.”

The Lady Colts are excited for what this season may bring, and are chomping at the bit to see what lies ahead for them.

“I’m proud to call this my team. I’ve been coaching at Cottonwood for quite some time now, and I know we’re all capable of making something special happen this season,” Hirschi said.

With the load of talent and quick skills these players have, Hirschi said there’s one particular player people need to keep their eyes on. 

“I don’t like giving only one player the spotlight, because I’ve always been about team, but I want to give a quick shout out to senior Andrea Brady,” she said. “From her freshman year to her senior year playing for us, she’s always had that special spark in her that makes her a very good player. She’s been a good leader and helps the younger girls work on their skills.”

What makes coaching at Cottonwood so great for Hirschi? 

“The kids, of course,” she said, smiling. “These girls teach me something new every day I’m with them, and I’m happy I get to be a part of such an amazing group of smart kids who love to learn and love to play the game of basketball.”