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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Rec. Center Program Encourages Seniors To Be Active

Jan 09, 2015 09:55AM ● By Sherry Sorensen
The Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center wants to help seniors in the area live a healthy, active lifestyle.

That’s why the facility is one of more than 12,000 centers nationwide that participates in Silver Sneakers Fitness, the country’s leading exercise program for active older adults.

It’s estimated that one in five individuals, age 65 and older, are eligible for fitness benefits though the program.

“It’s kind of an amazing thing. It serves hundreds of senior citizens in the city who have an incentive to exercise because it allows them to use their health insurance benefits to pay for admission to the rec. center,” Programs Director Heidi Summers said.

Summers encourages seniors who are on Medicare and carry supplemental insurance to visit the recreation center and see if they qualify for the program. Individuals whose insurance fits the program’s criteria receive an ultimate membership to the center, covered 100 percent by their insurance.

Ultimate membership includes access to cardio and fitness rooms, basketball and racquetball courts, swimming pools, the ice rink and fitness classes.

For those who wish to begin their fitness routine slowly, the rec. center offers Silver Sneakers exclusive classes.

“There’s a huge social aspect to it. They get to meet people who are in the same stage of life, same age, same interests, social avenues, and that’s huge for them,” Summers said.