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Money ... Did That Get Your attention?

Jan 09, 2015 09:48AM ● By Ty Gorton
The mention of same usually does. When discussing the subject I prefer using frugal instead of cheap, thrifty over tightwad and penny-wise as opposed to penny-pincher and the word parsimoniousis strictly for the dictionary, although I must admit the phrase “Buddy, can you spare a dime?” has a certain ring to it.  

Finding a great bargain or saving a dollar has always been an automatic pleasure for yours truly. I suppose this is rooted from childhood, where I learned early on that having money meant saving money and that can require some creativity.

For example, you know those brown spots that show up in your lawn in the heat of summer and watering does not make them go away?  Diagnosis: fungus.  Ever priced fungicide for fungus treatment?  I did, and the price made me break out in a sweat and my hands began tremble.  That hasn’t happened since I heard that Coca Cola was changing its formula.  If you remember that, than you were around when surfing meant going on a vacation to California.  At any rate, as I considered my options for treating fungus it quickly became obvious that it would be less expensive to buy a can of green spray paint and paint the brown spot to match the rest of the lawn. Voila, problem solved. 

With Valentine’s Day approaching I find myself reverting to my economical mindset to weigh the rewards of showering loved ones with tokens of affection.  I show my hubby a loving gesture by giving the household broom and mop a rest, in favor of watching my favorite television program, which is whatever football game he is watching at the time.  Still, there are Valentine favors that might be considered useful for the prudent shopper.  

Make “Conversation Hearts” using colored paper, writing the same sorts of silly and sassy messages that are found on the candy versions and then place them all over the house, in the sock drawer, next to the toothpaste, in a shoe, under the pillow.

On the night before Valentine’s Day, sneak up and write a message of love on his side of the bathroom mirror with red lipstick. Then put the lipstick on and put kisses all over it.

Scatter rose petals in a trail to a special gift. The gift can be something as small as conservation hearts laid out with a sexy message on the bed. It may seem cliché but any girl will love this and three roses is a much better bargain than a dozen. 

Have a picnic on the living room floor. Enjoy some fried chicken, potato salad and a Coke or crackers, cheese and wine. Valentine’s falls when it’s still cold outside so you could throw in the “you’re my ray of sunshine” line.

Create a love song playlist and get one of those headphone splitters where you both can enjoy the music through your earbuds. Then give each other a massage. If you need some ideas for music there is a list of 100 romantic and kissing songs on

Now, in regards to Valentine’s Day and love: I have some advice for those in search of companionship.  First, you must recognize the well-established fact that the probability of meeting someone that would be receptive to your advances is directly proportional to you being with another date or with a friend who is more attractive than you and remember, when your romantic competitor is down, kick them. 

That’s the frugal wisdom for this month.