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Cottonwood Heights Journal

Holladay Arts Council Welcomes New Director

Oct 31, 2014 01:56PM ● By Raili Jacquet

New Holladay Arts Council Director Margo Richards.

The Holladay Arts Council is preparing for more art- focused community events and has recently welcomed a new director to help guide the way. Margo Richards brings years of volunteer work, organization and leadership to her new post and is excited to lead the way.

A mother of two and married for the past 33 years, Richards said she believes in continuity. Previously working at Holladay United Church of Christ preschool, Richards led more than 200 parents in their voluntary roles within the school. She has served as a PTA president and enjoyed projects that are youth-oriented.

Richards was drawn to working with the city's arts council because she has felt a strong sense of community in Holladay since she moved to the city four years ago and wanted to be more involved.

"I like the city's philosophies and how they keep everyone equally engaged," she said. "The city staff and the arts council have been very open and accepting of me."

Richards would like to see more youth-involved projects for the future of the arts council and hopes to bring more volunteers to help with events.

"We have openings on the council as well as other volunteer positions. I am hoping to get more people in the city involved," Richards said.

Any residents that are interested in volunteering for the arts council are encouraged to call Holladay City Hall at (801) 272-9450.