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A New Place For Children To Play in Holladay

Oct 31, 2014 01:38PM ● By Tammy Nakamura

The Holladay City Playground Project is working to bring a new playground with features like those in this photo to the city.

Holladay City will soon have its first playground. Currently, there is no playground in any city-owned park. A group of volunteers led by Mayor Rob Dahle and former Mayor Dennis Webb organized the Holladay City Playground Project in hopes of changing that situation. They're launching a major fundraising campaign themed: "Support Play, Donate Today."

City officials plan to seek approval from the city council for an allocation of $50,000 for the project. Based on similar projects, the estimated cost of the playground is $250,000.

Councilwoman Pat Pignanelli, who already helped fundraise for and build two other playgrounds, hopes donations from the community will make up the difference.

"If the community donates to the project, they will have more pride and ownership of it. We see the playground as a way for the community to create a legacy project," she said.

The city has established a non-profit foundation in order to facilitate donations from the public. The donations from the public will pass through the Holladay City Foundation and will be tax deductible. Contributions to the foundation will continue to fund priority community projects in the city after the playground is completed.

Organizers are considering giving naming rights or various levels of recognition for generous donations, but all donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. Letters and postcards will be sent to canvas residents, local businesses, corporations, sports clubs, schools, community organizations and private foundations. Project organizers are also investigating matching grants to help pay for the playground.

The goal is to raise enough money to begin construction in March and have the playground finished by May 2015.The park is being developed near City Hall at 4580 South Holladay Blvd. The park, which is 5.4 acres in size, already has ball fields, a gazebo and restrooms.

Pignanelli said construction on the playground should be fast-tracked. "Demographics show the city is older, but many younger families are moving in, and if we continue to wait to build the playground, the children now will be grandparents by the time it is finished," she said.

The public will be asked to provide input at meetings and online on what kinds of playground equipment to include. Organizers want contemporary and cutting-edge play features that are also safe, easily maintained, durable and useable by all ages year round. Plans also include a shaded area and walking paths around the playground. The play space could be up to 10,000 square feet in size and will have the look and feel of the surrounding Holladay Village.